How to Add a Chatbot to Your Portfolio Website(For Free)

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Cristian Silva


In this post, I’ll show you how to add your own personal chatbot to your portfolio website in minutes.

Let's Dive Right In

To get started, head over to, then login with your preferred gmail account.

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Upload Your Resume

Once logged in, you can upload your resume. This will be the main source of information that your chatbot will be trained on.

Upload Resume Screenshot

Add The Chatbot to Your Site

This part can be a little tricky, we need to insert this code snippet into your website to embed the chatbot:

<script src='' async defer/>

Each website platform has a different way of letting users insert code snippets. At Chatfolio, we provide tutorials for Wordpress, Wix, Squarespace, and custom developed websites.

Add to Website Screenshot

Test Your Chatbot

After you've added the code snippet, refresh your site and you should see your chatbot at the corner of your site!

Chatbot Screenshot

If you feel that a chatbot would be beneficial to your portfolio website, go to and create a free chatbot Today!